The Marriott Heathrow Conference, Banquet & Event Spaces at London Heathrow Marriott Hotel has won the Event Spaces category at the European Hotel Design Awards.

The scheme was a collaboration between designers EPR Architects, Hamilton Hotel Partners, the hotels’ asset manager, and Project and Cost Management Consultants TowerEight.  It involved working to a tight deadline to develop state of the art, contemporary meeting facilities at the Heathrow Marriott Hotel, one of the Capital’s most popular hotels.

The design vision incorporated the development of an engaging, productive and innovative meeting experience with the highest level of comfort and variety. This new event spaces provide an environment which was carefully designed to enable work and play, to leave guests with the sense that they were in an extraordinary space which creates memorable experiences, enabled by comfortable and stylish design.

The subtle Interior design theme is inspired by the project’s location. Influences of Heathrow and the close associations of travel are incorporated into the design without being overt; such as the layered design on the carpet which use the shapes formed by the airport runway as inspiration for the pattern.

Feature materials and accessories that link back to the ‘vintage’ age of travel are showcased in all spaces and have been introduced into signage, furniture, accessories, etc.

Sasha Stupar Associate at EPR Architects, said: “This space is a re-invention of conference and banqueting facilities for our client and is, in our view, a totally unique experience among meeting facilities.  We have redesigned the dated, uninspiring layout and generated a new guest experience.  Each area is designed to support different group dynamics and can be easily rearranged by users for different formats.  This new flexibility enables transition from group sessions to individual work, and from work to socializing which gives the client more control and increased “bookability”.  A colour scheme of rich browns, steel blues, and polished copper cultivates a welcoming atmosphere which is also enhanced by carefully designed lighting. “

Daniel Ward, Project Manager from TowerEight said: “To deliver this scheme on time against a tight project schedule posted a number of significant challenges.  Bringing our experience in the hotels sector to bear on the project meant that from the outset we could select the right contractors for the scheme with a relevant skillset.

“The challenge remained to deliver the scheme within a four-week turnaround but with efficient management and developing the right sequencing of the work on site meant that we delivered early ahead of contractual completion. The efficient management of the design also allowed us to prioritise the areas of work that created minimum disruption to the hotel operations thereby keeping costs to a minimum.

“The pressure was on to deliver for this scheme but the right approach from the outset produced an excellent outcome.”

Frank Croston, partner at Hamilton Hotel Partners said,: “The owner is delighted to have created the leading conference and event space in the Heathrow market. The scheme not only significantly enhanced the existing facilities but transformed back of house space into additional meeting space to further underpin the return on investment”.

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