“How can we enhance our website?” The question that came up during our last team meeting.

“We could start a blog…”, a voice whispers, a recent graduate and new joiner in the company. All heads turn towards her.

“That is a brilliant idea!” However, a sense of uncertainty could be felt in the air. “How do you even write a blog?” is what most were thinking, yet not willing to admit.

Several people start to mutter in agreement, pens scratch paper, people type.

“Let’s just leave it to the Analysts. They are millennials, they must know how.”

Fast forward a few months and the Hamilton Blog was born, with four brave analysts entrusted with making this happen.

On the surface, considering only our nationalities, we may not be the most diverse group of newly titled, self-proclaimed “Hamilton Hotel Bloggers,” where three of us are Swiss and the fourth German. On the contrary, our numerous educational and professional experiences touch every corner of the globe.

Being citizens of the Hospitality Industry, we have each chosen an area of specific interest from within the industry to explore, but this is by no means a limitation, so you may find posts not entirely related or completely unrelated to each of our individual “topics”.

As we don’t want to simply hide behind our keyboards, please allow us to properly introduce ourselves:

Arthur Gigon

Focus: The Millennial Perspective on Hotels and Travel

Having been born in the French part of Switzerland, raised in the USA, lived a short period in Hong Kong, and graduated from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, I have experienced the “Millennial Dilemma” first hand in different places. Although technically I am a borderline “millennial” (you’ll see what I mean in my first post) I personally don’t consider myself one in the sense the word is being used. You won’t find me playing “Fortnite” or “Instagram Live-ing” while “Flossing,” but instead doing typical Swiss person things, like eating cheese and playing tennis. My posts will revolve around millennials and hospitality, and may venture onto other things.

chloé charmillot

Focus: Sustainability in Hospitality – The Importance of the Triple Bottom Line 

My passion for hospitality was born around the time I was an innocent 11 year old, where I decided, albeit at a young age, that I was destined for a career in the hotel industry. This decision subsequently guided me through internships in Germany, Abu Dhabi, and Switzerland, my home country, where I also graduated from the hotel management school EHL. Due to the international nature of this industry, I have made friends all over the world, and it was through traveling to meet them that I noticed my internal environmental conscience began screaming at me, louder and louder. To keep it quiet, I have been searching for ways to offset my carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the planet. Naturally, this quest has also translated into hotels, and how to make the operations and the guest journey greener. Therefore, my blog posts will be sustainability oriented, sharing some of the knowledge I have acquired and the latest innovations!

christina klass

Focus: The Future of Food and Beverage – Trends and Perspectives

Having lived in and travelled to several countries, I’ve realised that food plays a major role in getting to know new cultures. Wherever you travel, be it with friends or alone, your encounters with local people are most likely to happen in a bar having a drink or in a restaurant sharing a meal. Your conversation will most likely start with which dish you should try accompanied by which wine and then evolves around other local specialties. In my opinion, you only really get to know a culture if you are open to try new things and to fully embrace the local cuisine, because most social events involve some type of food or drink and people are usually proud to serve you their specialties cooked after a secret family recipe. But food and drink are not only important when travelling, they are also in our everyday lives. Who does not like to celebrate special moments with a nice meal at that restaurant they always wanted to go to or to enjoy some drinks with their colleagues after work? And finally, when did a nicely presented buffet with delicious snacks not lift moods at a business meeting? With all that being said, we decided that everything food and drinks deserves its own category on the blog and you shall read more very soon.

marlene strasser

Focus: Cycling through Hospitality

As a passionate road cyclist, I am delighted to share two of my greatest loves with you over the next months – cycling and hospitality. This blog series will be an opportunity for me to share stories about my adventures through Europe by bike, travelling from one Hamilton managed hotel to the next – hopefully imparting some insights into the industry, our Hamilton projects and exciting tales of cycling souplesse and savoir faire. Believe it or not, there are more similarities between the sport and the industry then one might think, ranging from the never ending search for perfection and attention to detail, the love towards aesthetics, beauty and trend and the passion people feel when discussing the subject – I am delighted to share more in the coming months … first stop – Holiday Inn Gent!

We plan to share a new post with you every two to three weeks, but you know, here at Hamilton Hotel Partners, we are busy helping hotel owners maximize their return on investments with our innovative thinking and by challenging the status quo, so we cannot make any promises. But we will say this: we will do our best.

Interested in sharing your opinion about one of our topics? Please comment! We would love to hear what you have to say.

Feel free to reach out to us at connect@hamiltonhotelpartners.com

We look forward to sharing our first post with you. Stay tuned!

With our best regards,

The Hamilton Hotel Bloggers

Marlene, Chloé, Christina, and Arthur

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  1. Charles Freeman

    A fantastic idea!!! It is wonderful to see a team like this take the initiative and share interesting and insightful stories.


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