Data has been a hot conversation topic for a long time now. Personal information holds the secrets to your guests’ desires and is more available than ever. If data helps companies to ‘understand’ their customer, then the customer should reap the benefits. Once the guest arrives at a hotel there is no substitute for intuition. But staff must be equipped to use data on the fly to personalise service.

In this briefing four experts discuss how personalisation is the key to a great hotel experience. Comment from:

  • Frank Croston, Partner, Hamilton Hotel Partners on using consumer data to personalise promotions
  • Anton Bawab, Regional President, Viceroy Hotel Group on intuitive staff offering a more personalised service
  • Michael Levie, Chief Executive Officer, citizenM on valuing service with a smile
  • Stephan Balzer, Chief Executive Officer, Red Onion GmbH on more personalised stays being possible if hotels utilise data

Briefing: Guest data and great staff combine for the ultimate personalised experience

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