Our Team

Hamilton Hotel Partners is comprised of a selected team of unique individuals who have deep and varied industry experience and who are able to offer our clients the specialised, distinctive service that makes Hamilton a world-class advisory company.

Partners & Directors

Frank Croston

Chris Evans

Guido Debast

Jorrit de Jong

Tobi Weissinger

Christine Engel

Heribert Gangl

Associate Directors

Susan Croston

Sue Mooring

Senior Associates

Maria Calvo

Julie James

Bettina McLean

Tracy Murray

Jane Peng

Margerie Suon


Stuart Lennox


Dana Licsandru

Denis Peels

Executive Assistant

Kate Patterson

Business Support Services

Karen Bales

Debbie Croston

Tracey Roberts

To discuss your requirements call us on

+44 (0)20 3696 1947

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