Hamilton Hotel Partners

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Maximising your return on investment


Hamilton Hotel Partners is an independent, world-class hotel advisory company offering unparalleled hotel asset management, hotel management, and development services across EMEA.

We specialise in working for hotel owners to maximise their return on investment. We pride ourselves on adding value to all our clients with our innovative thinking and by challenging the status quo.

Our team has extensive experience of hotel operations, strategic planning, asset management, acquisition, and development and are focused on building long-term, value-adding relationships with our clients.

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Hotel Asset Management

Acting on behalf of owners of hotel businesses, we ensure that all aspects of the relationship with the operator are optimised to drive the maximum return on investment.

Hotel Management Services

We manage hotels on behalf of financial investors, either branded or unbranded. We leverage maximum value from the operation in order to fully enhance the return on capital employed through the hold period.

Acquisition & Development Support

We are able to identify investment opportunities that meet specific geographic, market level and return on equity requirements and accelerate development aims and objectives for our clients.